August 8th 1:52 AM
I’m sorry baby I know I woke you up most nights from crying too loudly, and I know I drink a lot and zone out but I love you so fucking much, I can’t function without you here. I need you, fuck come home.
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August 9th 3:57 AM
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August 10th 5:23 PM
I’m at our favorite place please come meet me. I can’t stand not seeing you. I can’t breathe this is killing me. I fucking love you.
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August 11th. 4:39 AM
I’m on my third glass of whiskey, and I can’t find the other bottles did you seriously hide them from me? Fuck you I hate you.

August 11th 4:47 AM
I’m so sorry baby, baby I love you I didn’t mean that please come home I love you fuck I know I’m messed up but I can’t fix this without you please.
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August 12th 2:03 AM
I found your bottle of sleeping pills maybe I’ll take one, or ten, or the bottle not like it’ll matter. You don’t love me anymore.
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Six messages you sent me that broke my heart. I’m sorry I didn’t reply. (via jessielou24)
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My problem was that no one ever needed me as much as I needed them.
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He left me on the floor with a cocaine-stained nose and torn up clothes. “You’re not pretty when you’re like this,” he told me. “Stop tearing yourself apart to kill the ghosts inside.”
The ghosts aren’t inside of me, they’re sewn to the skin stretched over my cracked bones. They’re the fingerprints of every man that’s ever touched me.
“I’m not tearing myself apart,” I said. “I’m lighting myself on fire and tonight you are the match.”
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Do not tell me that I don’t care
Because I’m the one pouring my
Heart onto these pages every night,
Sitting here with tear-stained cheeks
Wishing for peace and healing
At one thirty in the morning and
Picking up pieces of everything
You left behind when you decided
I was not worthy of loyalty anymore.
I am the one who does not
Eat or sleep or function at work
Because you did not know how
To be a decent human being
You broke ME
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He liked to drive with the windows open
Just to feel the wind race through his hair
Even when it rained, they were open
Just to feel the water droplets on his skin full of goose bumps
And he didn’t travel places to take pictures
He turned wherever he went into photographs
And could make even the crappiest and fucked up place
Look like a beautiful spot to visit.
He cracked jokes
Just to see people’s eyes light up
And their smiles shine bright
Because he knew that they were beautiful.

You see, he saw the beauty in everything and everyone
Except himself
He looked at himself in that dirty mirror in his bathroom
and thought he was the most unwieldy piece of shit there ever was.
And one day, he was fed up with himself
And that self-hate had killed him.

So listen to me, when I say that you’re beautiful
And that there’s nothing in this world
That should make you think otherwise.

So Why so you hate yourself, dear?
You are the most precious human being on earth
And I know I’m not there to hold you
Or tell you that things are going to be okay
But remember that there is someone out there who loves those “imperfections.”

Darling, you are so beautiful, can’t you see that?

So don’t forget the beauty in yourself (via midnightterror)
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follow my instagram: @pxradoxon

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Kurt Cobain - Smells Like Teen Spirit (voice only)

This is so beautiful.

oh my fucking god im crying

Everything about this is perfect

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